Coronation Street spoilers: Rosie Webster makes massive Aidan Connor blunder

Rosie Webster leaves a new life in Japan, but not before leaving Aidan’s will on the photocopier!

Rosie Webster reveals she’s been offered a job in Japan, working on a TV game show. The Websters and Adam bid an emotional farewell to Rosie as she heads off for her new life, but not before unwittingly leaving Aidan’s will on the photocopier at the solicitor’s office.

Shayne Ward: Aidan Connor's final scene in the flat was my idea

Rosie leaves Aidan’s will on the photocopier

Michelle finds Carla in the factory sobbing and Carla confides how she blames herself for Aidan’s death, as it appears the stress of being given the factory was too much for him. Imran finds Aidan’s will on the photocopier. He’s stunned to see that Aidan left the factory to Alya and wastes not time in revealing to Alya that Underworld is hers. How will Alya react?

Kirk’s horrified when Sharon confesses there was no blind date, she just wanted to spend time alone with him. Panicked Kirk rushes home telling Beth he’s had enough of Sharon and her dog and he’s going to call it a day. But Beth won’t hear of it, adamant that they need the money.

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