Coronation Street spoilers: Rosie Webster is caught red handed by Antoine!

Rosie Webster tries to plant cocaine in Antoine’s bag but things don’t go to plan…

At the photo shoot Olivia hands the bag containing the icing sugar to Antoine’s punter, who gives her an envelope of cash in return. Rosie Webster then goes to plant the cocaine in Antoine’s bag but he catches her red handed and demands to know what’s going on.

Gail fills in a payday loan application, putting Roy Cropper down as her employer, hoping they won’t follow it up. But when Roy’s approached by the loan company, Gail’s forced to admit she needs £3k to pay Rosemary the medium to rid herself of Richard’s curse. Despite his scepticism, Roy offers to lend her the money on condition he’ll come along too.

Gail shares the awful news with Sarah that David was raped by Josh.

Kirk meets up with Sharon for a dog training session. When he mentions Beth, Sharon’s jealousy is evident but Kirk remains oblivious.

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