Coronation Street spoilers: Roy Cropper realises his friends are dingbats!

Roy Cropper defends Nina when his his friends make fun of her

When Nina presents her homemade bat boxes to the group, Herman, Dave and Farooq are begrudgingly impressed whilst Roy Cropper is proud of her efforts. But when the bat watchers make derogatory remarks about Nina’s dress sense, Roy takes umbrage and resigns from the group and Brian steps down too out of solidarity in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (8.30pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Coronation Street spoilers: Roy Cropper realises his friends are dingbats!

Roy Cropper ditches his friends in defence of Nina

A terrified Gary leaves a message for Sharon telling her that if Ali dies, she’s to blame. Meanwhile, Maria calls at the hospital for news of Ali and an angry Ryan blames her for playing him off against Gary.

Toyah confesses to Imran how she’s been helping Ali kick his habit, she lied on his behalf when his missed his tribunal and as a result, she might have jeopardised her career. Ali regains consciousness but when Ryan reveals that he took an overdose of diazepam, he’s confused and swears blind that’s not the case. But it’s clear Ryan doesn’t believe him.

Ali Neeson regains consciousness

Ryan tells a disbelieving Ali that he took an overdose

Michael confirms that Danny has taken down his original message, but James points out that it’s too late. A furious James confronts Danny who insists that it was an accident and he never meant to cause trouble. But James bitterly points out that he should have been able to come out on his own terms but thanks to him, that’s now impossible. When James receives a text from his manager summoning him to a meeting with a County press officer, he fears the worst.

When Ken reveals that he and Claudia plan to move into ‘Stillwaters’ in a few days’ time, an excited Tracy starts planning a makeover for No.1 while Peter wonders where he and Simon are going to live.