After another sleepless night Ali Neeson resorts to extreme measures and cons Moira into letting him into the surgery to collect something. He gets some anti-depressants before heading to the bistro where he gets drunk and flirts with Bethany. Robert and Michelle arrive back to find the boys at each other’s throats.

When Ali storms out, Robert reveals a shocking secret that leaves Ryan stunned…

Coronation Street spoilers: Ali Neeson and Ryan come to blows!

Get ready for a rumble! It’s about to kick off between Ali and Ryan

Leanne is still furious at Nick and won’t let him explain about his secret marriage. Nick tells Carla the deal is off and he is keeping his share of the factory now she has nothing over him Later, Elsa arrives and says that Nick defrauded her of £40,000 to buy into the factory.

Elsa arrives and says that Nick defrauded her of £40,000

Elsa arrives and says that Nick defrauded her of £40,000

Tim visits Sally but can’t bring himself to tell her they are struggling to find a character witness from the council. Gina meets up with another internet date who takes her across the other side of town but when he makes it clear he only wants sex she knees him in the groin and runs off to call Tim for help.

Emma and Chesney arrange to meet for a drink. When Gemma invites herself along Chesney’s thrilled, until she reveals that Spike will be joining them too.

First episode of Coronation Street this evening.