Back from hospital, Sally Metcalfe fusses round Tim, insisting that from now on it’s healthy eating all the way. As Tim searches the house for chocolate, Sally heads out to find Gina. Thanking Gina for her part in saving Tim’s life, she asks a shocked Gina not to leave.

Coronation Street spoilers: Sally Metcalfe begs Gina to stay in Weatherfield

As Wayne tells Carla he’s completed his structural report and would like to ask her a few more questions, she struggles to hide her panic. Imran overhears Peter urging Roy to ask Wayne to go easy on Carla, Imran’s furious, convinced Carla is hiding something. At the police station Carla sticks to her story and insists she was unaware of any structural problems. But when Imran confronts Carla, and Kate is the first to leap to her defence, she can’t live with the guilt any longer. Peter’s horrified as Carla resolves to tell Kate the truth

Chesney’s growing tired of cleaning up after a slobbish Gemma who remains oblivious to his irritation as she entertains Paul at the house. Chesney’s honoured to be asked to be Bertie’s godfather.

Chesney and daniel

When Sinead calls in the barber’s to find Sean complaining that their shaving products have brought him out in a rash, she heads out on a mission.

Summer urges Billy to make up with Paul and reckons the only reason he’s pushing him away is because he clearly has feelings for him. Billy knows she’s right.

First episode of Coronation Street this evening.