Coronation Street spoilers: Sally Metcalfe screams as the factory roof collapses!

Big drama!

Sally Metcalfe screams as the factory roof gives way and the staff are buried beneath a cloud of dust and rubble.

As the staff barricade themselves into the factory, Sally Metcalfe and Gina climb onto the scaffolding clutching homemade banners. Up on the roof a row erupts between the sisters where months of tensions come spilling out. Suddenly the roof gives way, Sally screams as she falls, before the whole roof caves in burying everyone under a cloud of dust and rubble.

Rana insists they go ahead with the wedding and as she gets ready she calls Kate to tell her how much she loves her. But as she gets into her dress she’s hit by a sudden realisation and rushes out. Has Rana had second thoughts and will Kate be jilted at the alter?

 As Carla begs Peter to stay he’s incredulous, likening her to alcohol and admitting he loves her but she’s bad for him, Peter tells Ken it’s time to go. Carla’s heartbroken, can Peter really drive away?

Natalie challenges Nick to a game of table football, explaining that if she loses, she’ll leave town empty handed but if she wins, she expects cash or a job. Nick takes her up on her crazy proposal. Who will come out on top?

Second episode of Coronation Street tonight.