Unaware that they are both seeing the same guy, Toyah and Leanne Battersby each arrange a night out with Imran. Meanwhile, Adam tells Imran he needs to make a list of pros and cons of both women so he can decide. Later, Toyah arrives at the office and things get steamy between them. Sally Webster finds a list of names that Imran has dropped in the cafe…

And when she goes to the solicitors’ office she overhears Adam advising Imran that he can’t continue sleeping with both sisters. She also hears him say he has lost the list of witnesses for Duncan’s case, the very list she has in her hand. What will she do with these pieces of info?

Coronation Street spoilers: Sally Webster dicovers Imran’s Secret

Meanwhile, drug dealer Ronan collars Adam, explaining his son is just out of Young Offenders and wanting him to find him a job.

Drug dealer Ronan collars Adam

Tyler and his mates steal Simon’s bag and rip up his homework. Peter seeks out and confronts Tyler’s mum Vicky who makes it clear she blames Simon for her son being in prison.

Hannah and Steve provide swabs for a DNA test. Evelyn proves to be a difficult house guest.

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