Sally Webster is nervous for her pre trial hearing and goes looking for Sophie Webster at No. 13 but walks in on her and Paula together. Sally calls one of the witnesses on Imran’s list as Paula warns her she could get in serious trouble.

But Sally refuses to listen and sacks her, before telling Sophie she doesn’t want her at court either. Tim is clearly worried.

Sally Webster flips when she walks in on Sophie and Paula together.

It’s gardening wars for Brian and Geoff as they argue infront of Yasmeen at the cafe.

It’s gardening wars for Brian and Geoff

Imran sacks Leanne when he finds a list of pros and cons about him made by Leanne and Toyah.

Despite Peter’s appeal to Carla to sack Vicky, Carla is left with no choice but to keep her on when Beth and Kirk phone in sick. She tells Peter to get over it.

Fiz tells Tyrone it might be better if Evelyn found somewhere else to live. Tyrone refuses.

First episode of Coronation Street being shown this evening.