Coronation Street spoilers: Sam reveals Simon Battersby is a drug dealer!

Leanne and Nick confront Simon Battersby after talking to Sam

In tonight’s first episode of Coronation Street (ITV, 7.30pm – see our TV Guide for listings) Simon Battersby corners Sam and assures him that him bundling someone into the bot of a car was just a prank and nobody got hurt.

Nick’s pleased to see them apparently getting on but he’s worried when he gets a call from school to say Sam’s had a meltdown and hurt another kid.

Sam refuses to open up but when Jacob calls in the cafe, he’s terrified and dashes out.

Having finally coaxed the truth out of him, Nick confronts Simon. Leanne’s horrified and demands the truth.

Coronation Street spoilers: Sam reveals Simon Battersby is a drug dealer!

Sam reveals what happened between Jacob and Simon

Alya’s furious to find out that Geoff has left everything to Tim.

Tim tells Adam that he doesn’t want a penny of Geoff’s money as it should have rightfully gone to Yasmeen, but Adam warns him it’s not that simple.

In prison, Kai accuses Johnny of dealing drugs, but it’s actually his MS pills.

Gary backs him up but Kai’s disbelieving and convinced Johnny is stealing his drug business, he beats him up.

JOhnny is beaten up in prison!

Johnny is beaten up in prison!

Nina tells Asha she’s going bat watching with Roy, but when Asha suggests she could tag along, Nina asserts she’d find it boring.

Asha tells Amy she reckons Nina’s gone off her already as she’d rather go out with Roy than spend time with her.

In the builder’s yard, Paul can barely keep his eyes open and admits to Ed that living with four babies equates to no sleep and he needs to find a flat.