Coronation Street spoilers: Sean Tully begs Jan to leave without Eileen

Sean Tully vists Jan to leave the cobbles alone

Making out she’s off on a two week holiday in Coronation Street, Eileen bids Steve and Tim an emotional goodbye. But when Sean Tully questions her sudden decision she realises that Eileen is planning to run away with Jan. Horrified Sean visits Jan in hospital and tells him that if he really loves Eileen and cares for her safety, he’ll let her go.

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Will Jan agree to leave Eileen alone when Sean visits him in hospital?

When Emma reveals that her Dad wanted his ashes scattered at County’s ground, Steve enlists the help of James and Michael. Arriving at the ground they’re approached by a security guard demanding to know what they’re up to, will Steve’s plan be thwarted?

When a tearful Hope denies having anything to do with the fire, Fiz believes her. Having looked at another school Fiz decides the best thing for Hope is to home school her whilst they wait for a place at Bessie Street.

Geoff’s happy to be back together with Yasmeen and suggests a night in to celebrate. Daniel’s flattered when Bethany asks him to read over her grooming article. Meanwhile, Daniel reminds Sinead they’re getting married next week, when she admits she hasn’t even sorted out the witnesses Daniel worries that her heart isn’t in it.