Liz calls at the Rovers to apologise and ask for her job back but is furious when Toyah tells her that Sean Tully has got her shifts. She throws him out and after phoning everyone he knows and failing to get a bed for the night he steals a tent from the bins outside the Kabin shop flat.

Kevin gives the go ahead for the operation, which goes well. Later, a devastated Sophie overhears Kevin telling Gina he wishes he’d never left Jack in Sophie’s care and blames himself for what happened.

Kayla fails to show for the double date saying she is ill. Craig goes to look for her and is shocked when she tells him she is leaving her job and it’s over between them.

Tim tells Sally to be wary of giving Duncan the charity grant as he doesn’t really trust him. Sally backs him to the hilt and after hearing Duncan talk about his wife’s ordeal she makes a decision

Tracy is impressed with her hair do and tells Maria she could have a nice little earner undercutting Audrey doing secret styling in the flat.

Second episode of the evening – please note that due to the World Cup the schedule may change.