Coronation Street spoilers: Sean Tully is grateful for Todd’s help

Coronation Street spoilers - Sean Tully watches on as Todd talks to Dylan

In tonight’s second episode of Coronation Street at 8.30pm (see our TV guide for full details) Sean Tully is impressed by Todd’s reassuring chat with Dylan

Todd finds Dylan and assures him his Dad loves him. Sean Tully is clearly grateful. Billy and Paul return after Billy’s interview for archdeacon but as Billy bangs on about Todd and how manipulative he is, Paul points out he’s clearly got under his skin.

Todd Grimshaw finds Dylan in the Ginnel

Todd Grimshaw finds Dylan in the Ginnel

Leanne’s outraged, suspecting Nick refused Natasha’s money because he’s given up on Oliver. She orders Nick to accept as they need her money to pay the legal fees.

Steve tells Leanne how sorry he is that he failed to secure the help of the German doctors. She assures him he mustn’t beat himself up as he did his best. Meanwhile, Nick confides in Gail that he fears Leanne is fighting a losing battle but he can’t tell her as she would see it as a betrayal. Gail urges him to be honest with her.

Johnny feels terrible as he lets Jenny down. But Scott reminds him that if he doesn’t play ball, he’ll tell Jenny how he was once involved in a robbery and left a man to die.

David explains he’s selling the house to an investor who’s prepared to rent it back to them, the sink hole will be fixed and the kids won’t be uprooted. Gail’s unconvinced. Gemma tells Ches how much she enjoyed her shift behind the bar and how lucky she feels.