Coronation Street spoilers: Sharon Bentley tracks down Leanne!

Coronation Street spoilers - Sharon Bentley tells Harvey’s men where Leanne is located!

In tonight’s second episode of Coronation Street (ITV, 8.30pm) at the hideout, Nick reassures Leanne and Simon that once Harvey has been sentenced, they’ll be free to return home and everyone will be safe. But does he really believe it?

Sharon Bentley calls at No.1 with flowers for Peter and manages to get Carla’s phone, having found the address of the hideout, she quickly slips the phone back in an oblivious Carla’s bag and leaves. Later, Sharon calls Harvey’s heavy with the address and orders him to head over there sharpish. Will anyone save Leanne and Simon before Harpy’s heavies get to them?

Carla is unaware that Sharon has stolen her phones and found out where Leanne is hiding

Summer and Eli join Corey and Kelly in Speed Daal and when Corey and Kelly unashamedly flirt with each other, Summer feels uncomfortable and points out that Asha wouldn’t like it. How will Corey react? Meanwhile, Nina tentatively mentions to Asha that she saw Corey openly flirting with Kelly in Speed Daal. Will Asha believe her or is she too taken in by Corey’s lies?

Nina tells Asha that Corey was with Kelly

Will Asha begin to doubt Corey when Nina explains that she saw him flirting with Kelly…

Seb suggests to Nina that perhaps they’ve taken things too quickly and he should move back out. Nina’s taken aback and questions his feelings. Will this be the end of their relationship or will Seb tell Nina that Roy cautioned him against taking things too fast too soon?

Tyrone calls at the garage and tells Kevin that he will be his best man after all. How will Kevin react to the news?