Coronation Street Spoilers: Shona Ramsey suggests that David reports Josh to the Police

Shona Ramsey has a hard time persuading David Platt to talk openly about the rape

Gail’s worried sick as David still hasn’t returned. At Shona’s flat he continues to open up about his rape ordeal. Shona  suggests that if he won’t go to the police, David should see a counsellor. But David’s adamant that no one can know as he couldn’t cope with the shame. As they return to the Platts hand in hand, Gail’s relieved. However the police arrest David Platt for failing to appear at court. As he’s bundled into the police car, the fear on his face is evident. Later, Shona Ramsey confronts Josh, telling him she knows he’s a rapist but will she keep David’ secret?

After a sleepless night, Johnny’s convinced that something must have happened to cause Aidan to take his own life. When Kate labels Aidan’s actions as selfish, Johnny snaps at her for speaking ill of her dead brother and Kate’s anger dissolves. Johnny’s distraught, blaming himself for failing to see what Aidan must have been going through while Jenny feels useless.

Making out she’s back from America, Eva arrives at the Rovers. Emotional, she cuddles baby Susie and tells Toyah that she can definitely see a likeness to Aidan.

In an attempt to bury thoughts of Aidan’s death, Adam gets drunk in the bistro and chats up a young woman called Niamh.

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