Coronation Street Spoilers: Shona Ramsey gathers more evidence on Josh

Shona Ramsey is playing detective when she meets up with Josh’s old collegue and it has Josh rattled

Josh is quietly worried and Alya’s intrigued when Josh’s old training partner, Claire, tells him that Shona Ramsey called in the gym asking questions about his past. Meanwhile, Shona dupes Josh’s old work colleague, Dec, into meeting up. When she pushes him for answers, Shona is horrified to realise that Josh raped Dec too. Refusing to discuss it further, Dec hurries away. Elsewhere, David’s nervous as his court case begins and Gary takes the witness stand…

Imran and Yasmeen implore Zeedan not to throw in the towel just as the business is taking off, while Rana begs him to change his mind about leaving.

Faye calls at No.11 and noting the smashed window, suggests Phelan was responsible but the police assure Eileen they’re doing everything they can to trace the culprit and have no reason to believe that Phelan is still alive. Nicola tells Eileen she’s joined an online chat group for ‘mums to be’ and has become good friends with one of the mums. But is her online friend all she seems?

When Hope sees Abi kissing Tyrone on the cheek, and telling him how much she loves her new boss, she reports back to a furious Fiz. Robert returns home from hospital. He insists he’s fine but Ali’s not convinced and when he looks up Robert’s medical records, he’s surprised at what he discovers.

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