Coronation Street Spoilers: Shona Ramsey puts herself in danger when she confronts Josh

Shona Ramsey tells Josh Tucker that she knows he raped David Platt

Keeping up his facade Josh Tucker tells Shona Ramsey that David Platt is lying and they enjoyed consensual sex. Bubbling with fury, Shona tells Josh that he’s the liar and she’ll make sure he goes down for rape. Has Josh been rumbled? Keen to build a defence, Josh calls at Alya’s with flowers, she kisses him passionately and leads him to the bedroom. Meanwhile, Shona tells a shocked Emma that she needs to book in for an STI test and she’d be best to forget about David.

Ken calls at the Rovers to meet his new granddaughter, touched they’ve called her Susie. Johnny quizzes Toyah and Eva about Aidan’s movements on the evening of his death and Eva’s awash with guilt.

Carla tells the girls she wants the factory back up and running out of respect for all Aidan’s hard work. Johnny continues to beat himself up wishing he’d done more to help his son. Jenny does her best to comfort him but Johnny snaps at her leaving her upset.

Adam takes Niamh back to the flat for an afternoon of sex but his plan is thwarted when Flora emerges. Adam’s unimpressed as Daniel explains Flora will be staying with them until the council find her a better care home. Billy’s concerned as Summer refuses to discuss Aidan’s death.

Second episode of the evening.