Toyah hides under Imran’s desk just before Nick comes in to stand up for Leanne. Will Nick clock that someone is watching his passionate speech? Later, Shona Ramsey can see that Nick and Leanne are still pining for each other so in a bid to play cupid, she locks them both in the cafe to sort out their differences. Will her plan work or will it end up pushing them further apart?

After finding out Cerberus got off the tram, Evelyn is adamant she will never see him again, causing her to lash out at Fiz and Hope. But she gets some home truths from Dev in the Rovers, which leaves her speechless. Fiz and Tyrone discuss Hope’s recent behaviour with a therapist but Fiz is shocked to discover Tyrone has already found a suitable special school for Hope in Birmingham.

Hope Stape Coronation Street

Tyrone has found a school for Hope

Steve, Tracy and Amy endure a family night but while Amy is in the bathroom, Tracy scrolls through her phone and comes to the conclusion that her love interest is Aadi.

Is she barking up the wrong tree?

Steve and Tracy Coronation Street

Steve and Tracy

When Adam inadvertently lets slip Robert’s and Kate’s baby plans, Imran is furious to realise Rana knows nothing about it. Rita plucks the courage up to sack Cathy.

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