Shona Ramsey gets a call to say Clayton has been beaten up in prison and rushes to the hospital. Meanwhile, David starts smashing mirrors then corners Nick in the barber shop and demands to know exactly what is going on. Will his brother reveal all?

Coronation Street spoilers: Shona Ramsey puts Clayton in hospital!

Shona rushes to hospital

Simon is furious that Peter is taking Abi sailing, causing Peter to say he can come instead as Abi means nothing to him. Seb overhears their exchange but will he tell Abi and break her heart?

Coronation Street spoilers: Shona Ramsey puts Clayton in hospital!

Peter reveals Abi means nothing to him

Roy admits he’s having trouble sleeping and Carla’s clearly concerned for him. Later, realising that Roy is too tired to concentrate, Carla manhandles him up to the flat to try and look after him and get his things in order. As she tidies away Sylvia’s belongings, she notices that Roy’s fallen asleep on the sofa.

Kevin finds an activity holiday for Jack but will he be keen on getting involved. Mary tells Tyrone she doesn’t want paying for helping him as she just likes to feel needed.

Gemma’s idea of making tea for Chesney and Joseph doesn’t go quite to plan when she burns her hand and swears in front of Joseph. Are these two over before they’ve begun?