Ken brings Simon Barlow back from Cornwall for his sentencing tomorrow. Later, Simon’s mood darkens when he receives a threatening text welcoming him home.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Simon Barlow doesn’t have a happy homecoming

Gemma’s insistent they can’t con their friends but Henry points out his life is in danger. Will Gemma stand by Henry?

Alya urges Rana to make the most of any chance to get along with her mum. Imran can barely conceal his delight when Rana reveals she’ll accompany Saira on the cruise.

Rita lets rip at Audrey for her jealousy of Maria and for choosing Lewis over Gail.

When Chesney finds Joseph, Hope and Ruby sitting in silence while Brian cooks tea, he’s amused to realise the kids believe that Brian is Santa Claus. Liz is put out that Johnny has fixed the rota so they won’t work any shifts together.

Second part of tonight’s hour special.