Coronation Street spoilers: Simon finds Leanne Battersby unconscious!

Coronation Street spoilers - Simon is shocked to discover Leanne Battersby alone in the flat

Simon goes to get changed in Coronation Street – first part of our preview of tonight’s one-hour episode – for his date with Kelly but he’s horrified to find Leanne Battersby passed out on the sofa next to a bottle of sleeping pills and calls an ambulance.

An embarrassed Leanne admits she just took one pill too many and had no intention of harming herself. Simon’s horrified to learn she never went to France and has been alone in the flat for weeks.

Coronation Street spoilers: Simon finds Leanne Battersby unconscious!

Simon thinks that Leanne has taken an overdose!

Jenny’s gutted when Johnny’s nurse diagnoses an MS relapse but admits there’s no reason for him not to attend court.

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Asha can't hide her disappointment

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