Coronation Street spoilers: Sinead Tinker fears she’s made a terrible mistake

Will Steff’s condition make Sinead Tinker think twice about not having chemo?

After revealing her web of lies to Billy, Sinead Tinker is horrified to discover that Steff has been rushed in to hospital. She arrives at the hospital and Steff’s husband explains that her cancer has spread and she only has days to live.

Will Daniel catch up with Sinead? And will Steff’s condition make her think twice about not having chemo?

When Brian reveals that on top of the school play, Phil has piled even more work on him, Cathy resolves to give Phil a piece of her mind. But Brian snaps at her, convinced he can cope.

Cathy comforts Brian

Cathy comforts Brian

Eileen wonders what to do with her £5k. When Liz and Sean point out she could do with a holiday, Eileen agrees on condition they go with her. Sean and Liz are thrilled.

Nick and Carla panic, aware that the future of the factory depends on Jo’s huge order. Will they compete it in time or will this warring twosome just give up? Later, Nick plucks up the courage to tell Leanne about his meeting with Elsa and how he’s going to have to find 40k. What will Leanne’s solution be? And, more importantly, is it legal? 

Coronation Street continues on Monday at 7.30pm.