Daniel and Sinead Tinker attend her 12 week scan and are thrilled to see their baby on the screen. But having despatched Daniel on an errand, Sinead tells the sonographer about the bleeding.

Sinead is examined by an obstetrician who tells her she has found a lump on her cervix that needs further investigation.

Daniel and Sinead Tinker attend her 12 week scan

Daniel and Sinead attend her 12 week scan – but Sinead is about to get bad news…

Robert shows Ryan and Michelle a report about the drug dealer that supplied Cormac being found dead. Ryan blames himself for both deaths, meanwhile Paula insists Sophie must go and tell the truth. 

Hannah tells Jim they need to up the stakes and put more pressure on Johnny. Jenny gets a bouquet of flowers with a cryptic note saying “These are to help you through tomorrow”. Terrified, Johnny tells Carla he will have to pay up.

Jenny gets some flowers

Jenny is thrilled to get flowers…

Geoff invites Kirk onto his radio show to talk about the big cat sightings. Daniel gets a letter from his mum – what does it say? Jack is struggling with being back at school.

First episode of Coronation Street on this evening. Second episode of Corrie follows at 8.30pm.