With Daniel by her side, Sinead Tinker gives birth to a baby boy. But as the baby is whisked away to neonatal, Sinead passes out. Is Daniel about to lose everything?

Coronation Street spoilers: Sinead Tinker gives birth

Sinead Tinker gives birth… but then passes out

As Duncan sticks to his story, a desperate Tim tells Sophie to get May on the phone. But as Sophie takes the call, May does a runner. Gina comes to the rescue, tracking May down to the tram stop and making a grab for her. As Gina begs May to tell the truth, if not for Sally for the sake of her own daughter, will she comply?

May does a runner. Gina comes to the rescue

A suspicious Leanne quizzes Nick about Elsa’s visit, convinced that the pair still have unfinished business. Nick plays it down but Leanne is till suspicious, especially when Toyah reveals how a woman keeps phoning the flat and asking for Nick.

When Tracy reveals Steve’s libido is off the scale and she can’t keep up with him in the bedroom, Beth muses that any talk of babies immediately cools Kirk’s ardour. Will it have the desired effect on Steve? Dev confides in Steve how he found condoms in Aadi’s room. Can Steve be give some good fatherly advice to help his friend?

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