Coronation Street spoilers: Sinead Tinker has news for Bethany…

Sinead Tinker reveals to Bethany that the wedding is still on!

Coronation Street‘s Daniel tells Bethany about his row with Sinead Tinker and with her heart thumping, Bethany gets back to work. Sinead calls in the bistro and admits to Daniel that she’s scared to get married again as last time she found out she’d got cancer.

Daniel suggests they cancel the wedding. As Sinead leaves she clocks a look between Daniel and Bethany which throws her. Having quizzed Daniel about Bethany, she then asks Bethany about the look.

When both admit feeling awkward having discussed their row Sinead’s satisfied that nothing is going on between them but has she got it wrong?

Later, Sinead confides in Bethany that unbeknown to Daniel, she didn’t cancel the wedding and is planning to surprise him tomorrow!

Sinead, Coronation Street

As Sinead leaves The Bistro she clocks a look between Daniel and Bethany!

Mary hands her key back to Eileen and apologises for getting on her nerves. Having a change of heart, Eileen assures a thrilled Mary she’s welcome for as long as she likes.

Mary and Eileen make up

Michelle meets up with Ray and having failed to get hold of Robert, tells him that she’d like to go ahead with his franchise plan.

Emma’s uncomfortable as Steve and Tracy go overboard trying to please her and makes an excuse to leave. Emma later returns and she and Steve have a heart to heart. Emma tells a thrilled Steve he’ll never replace her Dad but she’d like to be mates.