Coronation Street spoilers: Steve and Tim drive Eileen Grimshaw crazy!

Coronation Street spoilers - Eileen despairs as Steve and Tim compete

In the second episode of Coronation Street tonight (ITV, 8.30pm, see our TV Guide for full listings) George gives Steve and Tim a practise run at driving the hearse to see who’s best.

After a hair-raising ride with Steve at the wheel, a shaken George asserts it’s Tim’s turn. Having got the funeral gig, Tim performs a victory dance. When Eileen Grimshaw reminds him it’s a serious job, Tim and Steve take the mickey, aware that she fancies George.

George is left unimpressed with Steve's driving

George is left unimpressed with Steve’s driving

Unnoticed by Carla or Lucas, Peter heads out deeply upset and when Carla calls at No.1 for her overnight bag she finds him wallowing in self-pity. Unaware that he overheard her conversation with Lucas, she’s bewildered to see him so down. Jenny persuades Carla to join her for a glass of wine and send Sarah to the business meeting in Harrogate in her place.

But when a tipsy Carla receives a call from Peter, she declines it and sends him a text making out she’s in Harrogate as planned. Adam calls at No.1 to keep watch over Peter. When he reveals that Carla ducked out of the Harrogate trip and sent Sarah instead, Peter realises she lied to him and tries calling her again…

Jacob provides Simon with the latest phone and explains it’s a perk of the job but he’s unsure when Jacob suggests he should sample the drugs himself.

Jacob has a disturbing offer for Simon

Jacob has a disturbing offer for Simon

Alya opens the pile of final demands with mounting concern and resolves to seek professional advice, worried that the stress could tip her Gran over the edge. When Imran reminds her that Yasmeen has yet to settle her legal fees, Alya realises that her Gran’s financial problems are worse than she could have imagined. She tells Yasmeen that she’s made an appointment at the bank tomorrow and their only hope is to explain how Geoff forced her into taking out the debts.

When Aggie berates Ed for discussing their personal problems with Ronnie, Grace listens, intrigued.

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