Coronation Street spoilers: Steve McDonald makes the most of his ‘free pass’

Steve McDonald eyes an opportunity during his dance lesson with Abi

Tracy tells a delighted Steve McDonald to fill his boots and enjoy his pass before the wedding. Not realising Tracy is meaning a free spa pass – d’oh! – for the hotel where they are getting married, Steve thinks she is talking about sleeping with another woman!! Ignoring Tim’s warning that it could be a trap Steve eyes an opportunity with Abi at the dance lesson. Will he cheat on Tracy? How could he ever imagine Tracy would agree to that?!

Steve McDonald eyes an opportunity during his dance lesson with Abi.

Billy is horrified to find Josh on his doorstep, where he explains that he’s been discharged from hospital and has nowhere else to go. Will Billy help him in his hour of need?

Jim tells Hannah he is going to get the money from Johnny so they don’t need to take Liz’s money. Meanwhile, Johnny is keen to find out who is blackmailing him and confronts Liz about whether she has told Jim about their one night stand.

Johnnie Thinks Jim Is Blackmailing Him2018

Brian gets an interview for a teaching post leaving Hope and Ruby wondering why Santa needs a job. Cormac continues to wind up Daniel and Ryan at the Bistro.

First episode of Coronation Street being shown this evening. Second episode of Corrie follows on ITV at 8.30pm.