Steve McDonald is edgy after the robbery but Tracy insists he goes back out driving. Armed with a baseball bat under his seat, Steve picks up three lads from a bowling alley but they refuse to pay. As he grabs the baseball bat one of the lads does a runner and is hit by a car.

Coronation Street spoilers: Steve McDonald threatens a group of lads!

Steve has a baseball bat at the ready for tricky customers!

Nick fears the net is closing in as Paula comes looking for him and Leanne starts to grow uneasy about what’s going on. Nick tells Gary to be vague about how he was paid for the barber shop job and Leanne is shocked when Sarah tells her that Nick paid Elsa out of the factory accounts not the other way round as he had made out.

Shona calls at the barbers to invite David for lunch and kisses him in front of Natalie. David cancels lunch to train Natalie. Shona is annoyed when she calls at the Barbers to find Natalie and David larking about and when she leaves Natalie tries to kiss David.

Natalie tries to kiss David.

Natalie tries to kiss David…

Sophie and Paula show Sally the photos from their pony trekking holiday in Andalucia.  Sally reminisces about the one and only time she went riding and how much she enjoyed it.

First episode of Coronation Street this evening.