Coronation Street spoilers: Steve McDonald discovers wife Tracy sabotaged Michelle’s car

Steve is shocked by incriminating CCTV footage which shows his wife Tracy sabotaging his ex-wife Michelle's car just before the big crash...

Steve McDonald is incredulous as Tracy admits she thought he was having an affair with Abi, so in a bid for revenge sabotaged Michelle’s car hoping Abi would lose her job but now she could lose her kids too. Consumed by guilt, Tracy heads to the police station, but will she really tell the police the truth or will Steve decide to protect her and keep her secret?

Steve McDonald is stunned as Tracy admits she sabotaged Michelle’s car

Steve is stunned as Tracy admits she sabotaged Michelle’s car! (Picture: ITV)

After finishing the nightwear for the competition, Carla and the factory staff descend on the Rovers as Peter watches in admiration at all Carla’s hard work. Liz and Carla then get the girls involved in the pub’s Halloween themed charity night. Will things go smoothly or will tonight be a trick rather then a treat?

Carla and the factory staff descend on the Rovers as Peter watches in admiration

Peter has still got the hots for Carla. (Picture: ITV)

Daniel returns home with Sinead who’s clearly weak and feeling the effects of chemo. When the hospital call with her next appointment, Sinead tells them she can’t make it and will be in touch. Unaware that she’s refused treatment, oblivious Daniel tells her everything is going to be fine.

The police call at Robert’s flat and confirm that Michelle’s car was not the cause of the accident. Michelle breathes a sigh of relief whilst Ali remains worried.

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