Coronation Street spoilers: The game is up for Gary Windass!

Maria overhears Sarah accuse Gary Windass of murder

When Craig reveals that they had to let Gary go as there wasn’t enough evidence to arrest him, Sarah’s furious in tonight’s second episode of Coronation Street. See our TV Guide for full listings.

She calls at the salon flat and rails at Gary, accusing him of moving Rick’s body to save his own skin. When Gary suggests she’s just trying to cover her own tracks, she’s incandescent with rage.

Neither of them notices Maria enter as Sarah asserts that he’s the one that killed Rick.

Maria confronts Gary demanding to know why Sarah would think he’d murdered Rick. And when he fails to come up with a plausible explanation, she threatens to call the police and throws him out.

Coronation Street spoilers: The game is up for Gary Windass!

Maria sees Gary’s true colours

Also, Leanne promises Nick that it isn’t an end to their relationship but it would be better if he rented a flat, moved Sam in and got to know his son properly without having to worry about her.

Natasha reluctantly agrees to leave Sam with Nick for the three months she’ll be in London and lets him move into her flat. Is this really what Leanne wants?

When Chesney and Kirk return home laden down with Christmas presents, Gemma’s thrilled and assumes they managed to flog all the makeup. Chesney and Kirk agree to keep schtum about where the money really came from.

Elsewhere, having listened to Paul’s confession about Will, Billy’s annoyed that he felt the need to lie about it and further angered to realise Todd was in the loop.

Billy warns Paul that he knows Todd better than anyone and suspects he’s playing him.

Meanwhile, Roy and Nina urge Shona to talk to David and explain how she really feels about him. Will she succeed?