Coronation Street spoilers: Things hot up between Seb Franklin and Alina

Seb Franklin and Alina head to Speed Daal for a bite to eat.

Seb Franklin thanks Alina for the spanner and buys her a drink, the spark between them evident. Seb and Alina head to Speed Daal for a bite to eat.

However when Alina clocks Jan with Eileen she makes excuses and leaves in a hurry, leaving Seb’s disappointed.

Peter reads a message from a guy from Carla’s old estate claiming to have seen her and for cash he will help Peter. Ken insists they should call the police but Peter wants to go alone. Peter arrives at a derelict house and hands over a wad of cash, can they help him?

At Bethany’s insistence, Sarah reluctantly meets Gary for a drink. Gary begs Sarah to give him another chance, telling her how sorry he is for getting involved with Rick. Will she listen to him?

Rita tells a shocked Gemma that she needs to go and see Chesney and tell him she is pregnant. How will Chesney react to the big news? When Kirk reveals that he’s found some old tapes of he and Maria singing their favourite songs but he’s nothing to play them on, Ken offers to lend him his tape recorder.

Second episode of evening. Coronation Street continues on Friday at 7.30pm