Coronation Street spoilers: The tide turns against Carla Connor

Peter storms round to Roy’s flat and accuses Carla Connor of setting fire to the boat

When Peter hears from Sally that the CCTV footage has been deleted and Steve confirms he saw Abi across town at the time the fire started, he decides Carla Connor has some explaining to do.

He storms round to Roy’s flat and accuses her of setting fire to the boat. Carla denies any involvement and Roy leaps to her defence. Will Peter realise that he’s accusing the wrong person? Or will Carla take the fall for someone else?

Amy is horrified when Vicky says Tyler is sorry for the way he behaved and wants to be part of the baby’s life. How will Amy react? Steve and Tracy take Amy for dinner at the Bistro and are disgusted to find Tyler working there. Will they confront him?

Playing detective,Tyrone and Kevin order some flowers and ask Mary to write the card for them. Tyrone is horrified when the writing matches the one on the Valentines’ card. Will he talk to Mary and tell her he doesn’t feel the same way?

Chesney and Gemma get saucy behind the counter in the kebab shop! But will anyone interrupt their one on one time?

Second episode of Coronation this evening – returns next week.