Eva tells Toyah Battersby she’s going to move out so they can be a proper family. However unable to bear her guilt any longer, Toyah tells Peter the truth – Susie is Eva’s baby and their child died. Peter’s floored as Toyah explains the whole baby pact and Eva’s stunned when Toyah reveals Susie needs her real mum. Can Peter come to terms with what she’s done?

Jenny’s been up all night worrying about Johnny but back at home after spending the night at Liz’s he simply blanks her. Returning to Liz’s flat, Johnny tells her he loves her and is going to end it with Jenny. How will Liz react?

Fiz gets Hope a new pair of trainers but when the school calls to say Hope’s been selling trainers for cash, she suddenly downs tools and heads out – so Alya tells her she’s fired. When Fiz finds out that Hope conned Tyrone out of some new trainers too they give her a stiff talking to. Thankful for Tyrone’s support, Fiz tells Sean she needs him to find somewhere else to live as she wants to make a go of things with Tyrone.

Alya drops the bombshell that she’s now Underworld owner and instructs the girls to get cracking as they’ve a large order to get out. The factory girls mess about before staging a walkout in support of Fiz. Alya’s horrified and after getting Fiz back on side she manages to rally the troops and have the order out by the end of the day.

Sean books the bistro for his date with Kim but asks Michelle if he can pay later as he’s short of cash. After a successful evening, Kim suggests they split the bill. Sean masks his panic but when Kim overhears him discussing his financial woes with Michelle he realises he’s broke. When the letting agent calls at No.11, Seb’s shocked as his mum masquerades as Eileen and tells them the house is no longer available for rent. Abi admits she’s been kipping at the garage. Will Seb agree to let her stay?

*One hour episode*