Coronation Street spoilers: Tracy discovers Amy Barlow has told the daddy of all lies…

Tracy turns to Amy Barlow demanding the truth when they find out she’s 10 weeks pregnant.

Tracy tries the softly, softly approach with Amy Barlow, gently quizzing her about the father of her baby in the hope of getting her to confess.

Amy assures her it was consensual sex that took place at a party just before Christmas. As Amy discusses her situation with Simon, Steve clocks their exchange and jumps to conclusions about their relationship.

Meanwhile, at the family planning clinic, Amy is told she needs a scan if she still wants to go ahead with a termination. When the ultrasound reveals that Amy is in fact 10 weeks pregnant, Tracy turns to Amy demanding the truth. Will Amy reveal who she slept with?

Abi’s acing her interview but when the interviewer asks her about the gaps in her CV she becomes flustered and claims she was travelling in Botswana, leading to some very tricky questions about her trip…

Abi’s acing her interview

Abi faces some tough questions

Over lunch in the bistro, Roy and Carla reminisce about Hayley but they’re interrupted by Shona who tells Roy that Sylvia’s been taken seriously ill.

, Roy and Carla reminisce about Hayley

Shona has a shock for Roy and Carla

Sarah’s at her wit’s end living at the Platts and begs Nick to give her a pay rise so she can move in to her own place – but he refuses. Gary’s gutted to hear that he’s lost out on the contract for Audrey’s house as she’s had a cheaper quote. Will he lower his pries to get the job?

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