Coronation Street spoilers: Tracy Barlow discovers Steve has been horsing around

Steve and Tim are in trouble with Tracy Barlow when she follows them to the party.

As Steve and Tim set off to a unicorn party in Coronation Street, Tracy Barlow and Liz follow them and are stunned to find them in the back of the horsebox dressing Tiny. Tracy tears a strip off Steve for lying about his taxi licence and setting up a business behind her back. Steve and Tim beg her to let them do one last party as they don’t want to let the kids down.

Kevin can’t find his keys but when he gets a call from Roy to say he’s broken down in the Woody, he reluctantly leaves Jack alone in the house as he goes to help.

The man who stole Kevin’s keys lets himself into No.13 and starts rifling through Paula’s legal papers. Realising there’s an intruder a terrified Jack texts Kevin and hides under his bed. Panicking Kevin races home.

Chesney’s freaked out to find Bernie stark naked in the kitchen and when she suggests they spend the day in bed, he makes a rapid exit. He confides in Paul who confronts Bernie and orders her to keep her hands off Chesney.

Bernie lies to Gemma, making out it’s Chesney who’s making her feel uncomfortable as he clearly has the hots for her. When an angry Gemma accuses him of fancying her mum, Chesney’s incredulous.

When Sally treats Abi to a manicure, she’s shocked as Alina gives her the cold shoulder. Kirk advises a chuffed Ali not to give up on Maria as it’s clear she fancies him.

First episode of Coronation Street tonight.