Coronation Street spoilers: Tracy Barlow pulls the plug on Steve’s plan!

Tracy Barlow tells Steve that she won’t support the court battle

In tonight’s second episode of Coronation Street at 8.30pm (see our TV guide for full details) Steve is gutted to realise that he doesn’t have the support of Tracy…

Gail advises Nick to be straight with Leanne and tell her about Sam but Nick’s adamant that now is not the time. Tracy Barlow and Nick arrive at the hospital to find a fired up Steve and Leanne talking about specialist legal teams and spending thousands on a court case.

But Tracy reaches a decision and pulls the plug on the sale of Street Cars and Preston’s Petals, telling Steve they can’t throw away their future on a court case they’re not going to win. Steve is raging and as Nick leaves a message for his son confirming that he’d love to see him, Steve breaks down at his son’s bedside.

Coronation Street spoilers: Tracy Barlow pulls the plug on Steve’s plan!

Steve is emotional as he realises he may have to give up the fight for Oliver…

Alya despairs when Yasmeen Nazir admits that not only is she dreading the trial, but she feels safe in prison where Geoff can’t get to her and doesn’t want to leave!

Yasmeen tells Alya that she's happier in prison!

Yasmeen tells Alya that she’s happier in prison!

Faye apologises to Sally and Tim for letting the cat out of the bag about the wedding. Sally and Tim play it down, with Tim imploring Geoff to stay away from the wedding.

Billy and Sean explain to Eileen how they hired a PI who found out that Todd and his friend Safia ripped off a local gangster and now Todd has gone to ground. Eileen vows to find her son.