Coronation Street spoilers: Tracy’s wedding plans stun Steve McDonald!

Abi persades Tracy to make her first dance the focal point of her wedding day, which doesn’t go down well with Steve McDonald

Abi is angry with Steve McDonald for bitching about her so she decides to wind him up by getting Tracy to make their first dance the focal point of the day, knowing Steve would hate it. When she also finds out from Eileen that Amy’s concert was cancelled and Steve went to watch the match instead and also gave Tracy Karen’s old engagement ring she uses the info to drop him in it and force him to agree to the dance idea!

Tracy’s wedding plans stun Steve McDonald

Henry apologises to Gemma and begs her forgiveness, will she give him another chance? Meanwhile, Toyah tells Leanne she just wants the pub sold and has a plan.

Rana persuades Imran to accept their Dad’s party invitation as Hassan would only blame her if Imran didn’t show up.

Second episode of the evening.