Tyrone Dobbs swallows his pride, and along with Ruby, calls in to the flower shop and invite Mary round to theirs for tea saying they have missed her. Mary agrees and they decide to put it all behind them.

Coronation Street spoilers: Tyrone Dobbs apologises to Mary

Amy returns home to find Steve and Tracy rowing, refusing Tracy’s request to have some mum and daughter time she heads out to find Bethany. Has she made a big decision about the baby?

When Sean suggests a night out on the town, the factory girls are all for it and can’t wait to get their glad rags on. But Sally soon puts a damper on things when agrees to go on one condition, that Gina won’t be there – to her face!

Gina slinks back to her machine feeling left out and wondering how she get get into Sally’s good books. Later, in a bid to win Sally round, Gina tells Sophie how she plans to throw a party for her. But will he grand plan backfire?

Sean suggests a night out on the town

Kate arrives back from visiting family and discovers Rana has started the wedding plans and has invited everyone, even those in the reserve list. Will she tell her to slow down?

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