In the cafe, Imran Habeeb confronts Wayne, who’s prevaricating over his report about the news Carla has done a runner. When Wayne heads out, he inadvertently leaves his report on the table. Imran reaches for it but Wayne returns and catches him red handed. Nick steps in the diffuse the situation but Wayne later discovers his car has been broken into and his report stolen.

Convinced Imran is behind it, Wayne bars his way and accuses him. Imran is shocked and protests his innocence as the police arrive and haul him in for questioning.

Coronation Street spoilers: Wayne accuses Imran Habeeb of theft!

Wayne accuses Imran!

Peter is exhausted after a sleepless night and a fruitless search for Carla. When he calls in The Rovers with the news that she is missing, she’s mentally ill and believes Rana is still alive, Johnny and Michelle are taken aback while Kate’s scathing. Later, Johnny, Michelle, and an apologetic Kate turn up at No.1 and assure Peter that they’ll help him track down Carla as they’re as worried as he is.

Peter is exhausted after a sleepless night and a fruitless search for Carla.

Peter is really worried about Carla

Sally calls in the cab office and is appalled to find Dev and Steve messing about with a blood pressure monitor whilst Tim pretends to have another heart attack. An upset Sally implores Tim to start taking his condition seriously as she doesn’t want him to die.

Sally calls in the cab office

Sally is angry with Tim

Bethany’s bemused to clock Gary driving his builders van dressed in a shirt and tie. After a wasted day trying to flog loans, Gary reports back to Rick who suggests he might be better suited to debt collection.