Coronation Street spoilers: Will Amy Barlow flee when the police come calling?

Amy Barlow is furious with her mum and dad when the police tell her Tyler took advantage of her.

The police question Amy Barlow, and despite her protestations that it was consensual sex and Tyler did nothing wrong, the officer explains to her that as she was underage it is still an offence and she has to give a statement.

Amy is furious with Tracy and Steve and runs off at the police station. In Victoria Gardens, Tyler apologises to her but says he wants nothing to do with the baby. Unsure of what to do Amy confides in Bethany.

When Mary offers to give Tyrone a massage he decides to broach the subject of the Valentine’s card and tells her they can only be friends. How will Mary react?

Mary offers to give Tyrone a massag

At Sally’s suggestion, Sophie tries to give Kevin £200 towards Jack’s holiday but he refuses to take it, adamant he can manage.

Sophie tries to give Kevin £200 towards Jack’s holiday

Peter tells Carla that the police have declared the boat fire an accident but he remains unconvinced. Seb tells Peter he saw Carla acting shiftily and putting a bin bag in the boot of her car the morning after the fire.

Convinced Carla is hiding something, Roy quizzes her but she says it was a bag of Underworld seconds for a charity shop.

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