Coronation Street spoilers: Will Claudia Colby spill the salon’s secrets?

Ken tries to persuade Claudia Colby to spill the stories from the salon

After the Gazette turned down Ken Barlow’s short story and he offered them Claudia Colby’s idea of tales from a hair salon, he invites her for dinner. Once there he tries to persuade Claudia Colby to tell him her salacious stories from the salon.

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Liz realises she can only raise £10k and tells a disappointed Hannah. Meanwhile, Steve lets slip that Liz and Johnny had a one night stand and, feeling jealous, Jim sees a chance to get more money.

Liz Tells Hannah About The Money

Determined to show Steve how much he means to her and get the wedding back on track, Tracy runs him a bath, gives him a massage and offers him a “free pass”. Steve is shocked but secretly delighted.

Tim is grateful to Gina for letting Sally know how hard he is working to try and prove her innocence. Gina blushes with pride but as they watch a film together, are Gina’s feeling for Tim more than admiration at how he is trying to help her sister?

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