Stood outside the ruins of the factory, Carla Connor stands side by side with the police, consumed with guilt knowing that her friends and colleagues were trapped inside. A devastated Carla reveals that she knew the roof was unsafe but chose to ignore it and she didn’t want to spend the cash.

As news of a death inside the factory is delivered, Carla breaks down as she realises the situation is all her doing. Will the police come calling for Carla when the wreckage is investigated?

Carla Connor breaks down as she realises the factory roof collapse is all her doing.

After a prep talk from Johnny, Kate talks to Rana on the phone. She’s insistent that they can still go ahead with their union and is desperate to explain why she thinks they would have a happy life together. Will the couple get to exchange the vows that mean so much to them?

A suspicious David confronts Nick, wondering if he’s to blame for the factory collapse and if he was intending to pull an insurance scam. Can Nick allay his suspicions without revealing his dealings with Natalie?

There are no episodes of Coronation Street on Friday. The soap will continue on Monday at 7.30pm