Coronation Street spoilers: Will Leanne Battersby agree to withdraw Oliver’s life support?

Coronation Street spoilers - Leanne Battersby feels all alone after Steve agrees with the judge's verdict

In tonight’s hour long episode of Coronation Street at 7.30pm (see our TV guide for full details) Leanne Battersby hits rock bottom as she loses the support of everyone around her…

Knowing that today’s the day that the judge will announce her decision regarding Oliver, Tracy, Amy, Emma and Simon gather at No.1 and nervously await the news.

Steve and Leanne Battersby sit in silence as the judge delivers her statement regarding Oliver’s situation – but will they get the answers they’re hoping for?

Their world is shattered once again when the judge concludes that it’s in Oliver’s best interests that his life support be withdrawn.

Leanne Battersby is stunned by the judges verdict

Leanne Battersby is stunned by the judges verdict

In the hospital, Toyah receives a call from an anguished Leanne and Sarah fights back her tears as the news is revealed.

Devastated about the court case outcome, Leanne announces that she wants to launch an appeal, and while Steve reluctantly agrees to stand by her, it’s clear he’s not convinced.

Steve and Leanne return to the hospital and head straight to Oliver’s room, but once there Steve finally tells Leanne that they have to let Oliver go and he can’t back her in her decision to appeal.

Will Leanne finally give up the fight to save Oliver?