Coronation Street spoilers: Will Michelle Connor agree to try for a baby?

Robert asks Michelle Connor again about having a child of their own.

When Michelle Connor finds Ali in a state in the flat, he tells her to leave him alone and stumbles out. He picks a fight with two burly bikers outside the tattoo parlour and they give him a good kicking in the alleyway.

Ryan comes to Ali’s aid and scares them off, but when he takes him home. Michelle is horrified at his injuries. Later, Robert asks Michelle again about having a child of their own.

Robert asks Michelle Connor again about having a child of their own.

Robert has a big question for Michelle Connor

Tim screeches to a halt after finding Gina on a street where she apologises and says that she thought her date was chasing her but it was a false alarm.

As Tim tries to explain the situation to a police car that has stopped, the officer smells alcohol on his breath and arrests him. Paula is worried to find out the judge on the case is the one Sophie insulted. Meanwhile, Sally tells her cellmate she has every confidence she will soon be free.

Tim is arrested

Tim is arrested

Carla suggests to Elsa that as she actually owns Nick’s share of Underworld they should go into business together. Later, Elsa confronts an embarrassed Leanne who tells her she didn’t know Nick was married.

When Carla reveals that Sinead is trying some complementary therapies to combat her chemo side effects, Ken insists he’ll pay for them on the quiet. Chesney finally admits to a thrilled Emma that despite his mission to make Gemma jealous, it’s her that he wants to go out with.

Chesney says he likes Emma

Chat up Chesney! He says he likes Emma…

Second episode of Coronation Street this evening.