Steve McDonald is desperate to escape from the armed robber and pleads for mercy showing him photos of Amy and Oliver. Will he get away unscathed?

Coronation Street spoilers: Will Steve McDonald escape the armed robber?

Can Steve McDonald escape with his life?

With Carla not wanting Roy around Ken offers him a room at number one leaving Peter to look after Carla alone.

Nick and David panic, aware that if the police go through their bank accounts, they will want to know how they acquired such a large some of cash. Feeling desperate, Nick asks Paula for her help.

Nick and David panic

Nick and Steve are frantic

Alina calls at No.11 and apologises to Seb for Rachel’s behaviour, but explains that she’s one of the lucky ones as Rachel provides her with both a job and somewhere to live. Seb tells Alina he doesn’t like the way Rachel treats her and that he’s going to take care of her from now on. Alina kisses him, deeply touched.

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