As Steve McDonald prepares for the wedding hoping that everything will go smoothly, Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) storms in wearing her wedding dress and slaps him, claiming to know about his affair with Abi. Revealing his dance moves, much to Tracy’s confusion, Steve attempts to put put her straight and get the wedding day back on track. Can a raging Tracy be calmed, and with news that Ken and Beth have both favoured Daniel’s wedding with Bethany, will the ceremony go ahead? 

Steve tries to convince Tracy Barlow to go through with their big day.

Steve tries to convince Tracy Barlow to go through with their big day

Having had a biopsy, a terrified Sinead is taken for an MRI scan. Will her results force her into calling things off with a loved up Daniel? Meanwhile, Daniel is completely oblivious as Kate, Beth, Craig, Ken, Roy and Kirk gather in the urban garden. As Sinead steps off the tram she’s floored to see the beautifully decorated garden, and even more stunned when Daniel drops to one knee and asks her to marry him. Will Sinead say yes or will she tells Daniel about the biopsy at the hospital?

What will Sinead say?

Ali is gutted when he is suspended from work because of his involvement in Cormac’s death. How will he treat Ryan when he next sees him?

Ali’s suspended from work

Ali’s suspended from work

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