Coronation Street spoilers: Yasmeen Nazir protects Alya from Geoff

Yasmeen Nazir sees the nasty side of Geoff when he turns on Alya

Remembering that Geoff said he booked the only five star hotel in the area, Alya Nazir does some digging before confronting Geoff about his fictitious hotel booking and fake heart scare.

When Alya reveals that she’s been to the police, he loses his temper and threatens her. Arriving home from the shops (Geoff has had Yasmeen on a timer), Yasmeen’s horrified to see Geoff looming over Alya and orders him off her.

Geoff assures Yasmeen he’d never lie to her. But when he heads up for a bath, Yasmeen opens his laptop and is shocked to see it is locked with a password in tonight’s only episode on ITV from 7.30pm (see our TV Guide for full listings)..

Geoff turns on Alya

Geoff turns on Alya

When Ken demands a copy of the Residents’ rulebook, an irritated Charles makes out they’re waiting for a new edition to be printed. Not believing a word, Ken suggests it’s time the Residents’ Chair was put up for re-election.

Ken makes a stand!

Ken makes a stand!

David manages to push the muggers off and sprints away. But when they give chase he climbs a fire escape to get away. Returning home, David fails to tell Nick and Gail about the attempted mugging.

When Seb refuses to move out of the flat, Emma asserts that she’ll go instead. Steve assures her she’s welcome to stay with them.

Cathy and Alex arrive to offer Gemma a hand but she tells them she doesn’t need their help.