Corrupt Jai sinks even lower (VIDEO)

Jai needs to get rid of the drugs he’s been saddled with – and fast. But he’s getting nowhere trying to flog them. Ever the businessman, Jai spots an opportunity when he finds out Kirin needs funding to get the cordial business he’s started off the ground. When Rishi tells him he can’t help him, Jai swoops in and tries to convince Kirin to shift the drugs for him, even revealing his dad’s secret druggy past to try to convince him to take on the task. Will Kirin risk everything to get a few bob together? When Rakesh hears Jai has told his son about his dark past, the lawyer is furious.

Meanwhile, as Bob’s sentencing looms, Harriet is stressed. She’s got no leads on Carly, the cafe owner’s missing daughter, who was in on the fraud crime. Will the PI manage to track her down?

As time ticks on, Pollard’s rage towards Diane shows no signs of cooling down. In fact, it’s ramping up. Will he ever stop blaming her for Val’s death?