Jas is up to her eyes with work when Al asks if she fancies hanging out tonight. Al offers to help her out with work, then afterwards she could come round to his for darts practice? Kevin teases them about their exciting night playing darts but Al rushes home to clean the flat and give himself the once over. When Jas arrives for dinner, Al decides it’s time to make his move on her.

Al slides a hand behind the sofa but, when Jas is oblivious, he decides to move in closer as he helps her play darts. When conversation turns to relationships at work, Jas reckons there’s nothing wrong with dating a colleague. Although it’s an innocent comment, Al sees this as a sign. Jas leaves, accidentally forgetting her scarf. Al finds it on the sofa and holds it up to his face.

Meanwhile, Gordon calls Mrs Tembe and asks if she fancies coming to the vicarage that night. She agrees but confides in Mandy that she doesn’t wish to be Gordon’s lacky and she won’t be manipulated. Mrs Tembe arrives at the vicarage, and is surprised to see Gordon has dressed up, and is even more surprised to find he’s cooked dinner.

Confused, Mrs Tembe asks who else is coming – he explains he just wants to get to know her, and thank her for her help. The meal is delicious and the two fall into comfortable chatter about their lives but Mrs Tembe still feels she doesn’t know the real reason he’s invited her there.  Gordon insists he just wants to know her as a friend. But as she leaves, Mrs Tembe is not totally convinced.

Also, a domestic disturbance takes a sinister turn as Rob finds himself caught in a Septuagenarian love triangle.