Could Carol have saved Maggie’s baby?

As Maggie Huchinson prepares for a difficult birth at home, worried nurse Carol Cassidy notices the baby is distressed and calls for a doctor. Maggie’s husband Ken is furious when he finds out the doctor is held up elsewhere and the baby tragically dies before help arrives.

As the designated Coroner’s Officer, PC Rob Walker takes a statement from Carol, reassuring her that she did all she could. But she is racked with guilt at the thought she should have called for the doctor earlier.

Over at the garage, widow Emily Merryweather tells an embarrassed Bernie what a help he has been to her. Blaketon tells Rosie that Emily is bad news and that some of the golf club members call her the Preying Mantis for outliving her husbands. Is Bernie going to be her next victim?

Meanwhile, Ken drowns his sorrows in the Aidensfield Arms and ends up hitting PC Rob Walker, who then arrests him. Carol walks in on the incident and is angry at Rob for not being more sympathetic.

The next day, Bernie arrive to meet Emily at the Aidensfield Arms. Rosie tells Peggy about Emily’s history of husbands, but Peggy remains unconvinced by the story of the femme fatale. Making a bet with Oscar that Bernie will not succumb to Emily’s wiles, Peggy hatches a plan. Will Peggy’s plan save Bernie from Emily before it’s too late?