Drew is devastated to learn he could be facing jail after Dom destroyed his car, but Belle can’t give him the support he needs. Meanwhile, Jazz is determined to persuade Dom to confess his guilt to the police and offers to give him anything he wants. But she’s surprised when Dom says he only wants one thing – Belle.

With no choice, Jazz begs Belle to meet up with Dom but Belle refuses. However, when she sees how much Drew is grieving for Lisa, she confronts Dom, who promises to get Drew off the charges – but only if she kisses him. Belle is disgusted but is shaken when she finds herself responding to his kiss…

Both struggling to fit in at school, Rory and Annie end up making friends during a class excursion. Meanwhile, Dan and Fisher’s relationship is not so good, with excursion leader Fisher refusing to accept Dan’s advice and help.

Later, Fisher fails to do a roll call on the bus back to school and Rory and Annie are left behind. They watch, stunned as the bus pulls away, and realise they’re stranded, miles away from anywhere with no way to call for help.

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